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PFX overcomes the fragmentation that has always afflicted our market by bridging the ‘information gap’ between capital raising projects and private capital funds, with privacy taking precedence. No fund or project identifying information is ever available to the public domain. Registering with PFX adds a global team of PFX Regional Managers (RM’s) to your origination department applying their combined 250 years market experience to the Exec Summary, Project Plan and Full Deck to every opportunity before it is listed on PFX.

Every opportunity is fully ‘submission ready’. Register, FREE, set your preferences and receive opportunity alerts across 40 market sectors, nine global regions and deal values $10m to $10bn+. Set ‘All’ across all selections and you have a unique ‘new project’ newswire service. All listings meet the key, project finance criteria of having a credible feasibility study or contracted buyer for the output of the built project.

With over 120,000 private capital funds of all descriptions and thousands of opportunities at any one time, the market became so opaque it was almost impossible for buy- and sell-sides to identify, connect and engage with each other. To overcome this PFX launched in April, 2021 and is already transforming this critical first stage of the financing journey into a seamless process.

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  • PFX Regional Managers (seasoned intermediaries) provide quality control over all listings from Elevator Pitch thru Exec Summary to Full Deck.
  • E-mail notifications on new listings matching your preferences across nine global regions, 40 market sectors and deal values <$10m to $10bn+.
  • All supporting documentation produced to the PFX fixed format, meeting the origination and intake standards of any fund manager. View our Stage II intake form to see our ‘front-end’ intake process.
  • Closed, private capital market. No fund or project identifying information ever enters the public domain.

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  • Only registered funds can click through from the elevator pitch to the executive summary and, if interested, offer to engage. The PFX Regional Manager (RM) handling the deal is your first point of contact.
  • PFX completion fees/commissions in line with those you have with intermediaries you already know and trust.
  • Please download the PFX Financier User Guide below for full details.

Pre-Reg Validation

Fund/Investment Manager or Direct Investor/Financier Pre-Reg Validation

PLEASE NOTE: On registration you will be asked how much of your AUM you can allocate to Alternative Investments and RE, which will be added to the AUM figure above. Your company name and contact details are disclosed only to PFX Regional Managers handling projects you offer to engage with.

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