Take the First Steps Towards Your Successful Project Financing

In project financing, the investment decision is not based on your own history, assets or balance sheet, but the track record and financial stability of whoever is contracted to buy the output from your built project.
This fundamental difference to any other financing structure means that everything you already know about producing a business plan is completely irrelevant. But, get it right and you'll not only raise your finance, but do it while leaving yourself free and clear of any financial liability whatsoever whilst, still owning the asset.  That is what's so unique and powerful about the project finance structure.
The RAISING PROJECT FINANCE Handbook takes you through every stage of assembling your project plan, so that your investor is confident about putting their money into your project.
Originally published in 2020 and updated in September 2023, it now includes a chapter on Arbitrage Trading, which has been used for many decades by UHNWI’s, foundations and others to grow their capital reserves with deposits of $100m or more.  Now, this powerful 'capital enhancement' tool is available for those with as little as $10m (or less) to build equity in their project, or fund it entirely.  For investors, it rapidly grows investable capital reserves, with no risk to capital invested.
The RAISING PROJECT FINANCE Handbook costs little more than a visit to your coffee shop and is indispensable reading for those entering the market for the first time.  It is now also the Official Guide for the Project Finance Exchange (PFX), which connects you directly with investors.  Please click the image below to view more details of the book on Amazon.

PFX Project Finance Handbook