About PFX

Once the exclusive domain of mega-dollar infrastructure and major construction deals funded by global institutions, ‘project finance’ now spans deal values <$10m to no upper limit, dominated by private capital funds. It can be applied to deals across many sectors (we offer a choice of 40), worldwide including renewable energy, hospitals, hotels/resorts, transportation and others.

But the defining project finance tenet still prevails in that lending is predicated on the track record and financial stability of whoever is contracted to buy the output from the built project. In short, lending against revenues from a yet-to-be-built asset, which mainstream banking regulations prohibit. Only private capital funds (hedge, private equity/debt, alternative investment funds etc) have the flexibility to structure their finance to do this. At the same time delivering the long-term, risk-mitigated returns their investors seek.

Over the past two decades the market has grown and evolved into an overcrowded and opaque 120,000+ private capital funds managing and allocating 20.35tn of private capital (see Media Backgrounder for full stats) and thousands of capital-raising projects at any one time. It became almost impossible for buy- and sell-sides to interact. The opening of the Project Finance Exchange (PFX), now fills the vital ‘information gap’, enabling funds and projects to seamlessly identify, connect and engage with each other.


We are based in the cathedral city of Worcester, close to Birmingham in the West Midlands, UK. Our Regional Managers (RM) are located in USA (Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Jose), London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Bahrain, Nairobi and Sydney. We seek more seasoned RM’s to cover LatAm, Canada and Asia Pacific. Please apply through the Contact zone providing website and a brief summary of your experience specific to project finance. PFX is focused exclusively on the unique project finance structure as opposed to M&A, VC or any other structure.


PFX is a closed, private capital market for hedge, private equity/debt and alternative capital funds as well as investment banks, family offices and others managing private capital for their investors. No fund or project identifying information is ever released into the public domain.

Raising Project Finance

Project Principals: If you are raising finance please click the Submit Project tab above. You will be able to find a PFX Regional Manager (RM) for your region and the short Intake Form you complete will tell them what and where your project is, and how close to being submission-ready you are. They will provide you with a Stage II Intake Form and the PFX Listings Worksheet, which guides you into producing a professional and compelling Elevator Pitch and Executive Summary. You will be provided with an Engagement Agreement with your RM, who will then assist where necessary in assembling your Full Deck and Project Plan.

Intermediaries: Please connect with an RM near you through the Submit Project tab above. They will provide you with an NCNDA and fee-share agreement. You can then present all your opportunities through the same RM no matter where they are in the world.

David Rose, Chairman

David’s 40+ year career has spanned telecoms, publishing/financial PR/marcoms, early-stage and growth financing leading to project financing since 2005. He has written comment, opinion and features in countless business and finance media worldwide including the FT, Indian Economic Times and Australian Financial Review. He specified the unique fintech that powers PFX and leads all strategy, marketing communications and the growing network of PFX Regional Managers. He has been semi-retired since 2016, when he started work on PFX in response to the challenges for capital-raisers and funders caused through the fragmentated and unstructured nature of the market.

Derek Hampton, COO

Derek’s experience in coding and development across finance, retail and logistics software automation brings a fresh perspective to FinTech. He played a key role in evolving a client validation tool that is now in use by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide and believes in deploying his coding skills into a positive and enjoyable user experience. He has built on David’s original site specifications and, with his dedicated team, has developed PFX to specifically meet the needs of the global project finance market, without diluting the functionality into other financing structures such as M&A, VC etc.

PFX Regional Managers

Currently, 12 seasoned professionals with some 250 years of corporate/project finance, banking and other relevant financial experience and qualifications between them. They ensure that the Elevator Pitch, Executive Summary, Full Deck and Project Plan are produced to the PFX fixed format and standard that meets the demands of any Head of Intake/Origination.