Over more than two decades private capital has come to be the default financing source for projects worldwide. The project finance market has long-since evolved away from being the exclusive preserve of mega-$ infrastructure deals funded by global institutions, and is now populated by 10’s of thousands of hedge, alternative investment and similar funds along with family offices, private capital/asset managers, corporate investors and many other private capital sources.

But the sheer numbers involved saw it evolve into a hopelessly fragmented and opaque market. Until now there has never been an interface through which projects and investors can identify, connect and engage with each other. PFX is the platform through which a growing number of seasoned project finance intermediaries are now presenting their opportunities to investors in a consistent and structured format. They operate as Regional Managers (RM’s) to their shared platform, PFX, where investors can register, set their preferences and await matching opportunities. All opportunities from Elevator Pitch thru Executive Summary to Full Deck are presented in the same, consistent format, designed to deliver all the information investors need to make an informed decision.

No-one can post their own deal to PFX. Everything an investor needs to make an informed investment decision is professionally reviewed, assembled and presented by the RM handling the case.

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