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Take the first step to seamlessly connecting with the financier best suited to your project by finding a PFX Regional Manager in your area and then completing the submission form.

Project finance differs to traditional asset-backed finance in that it is not dependent on forecasts in a business plan but predicated on the financial stability and track record of whoever is contracted to buy the output from the built project. With the same criteria applying to whoever is going to build it. This unique structure can be applied to very many capital raisings currently struggling to be financed using traditional asset-backed structures. Genuine project finance leaves project principals be they individuals, corporate or government free and clear of any financial liability whatsoever.

If you are new to the protocols, conventions and structures that have evolved in this maturing market, please read The RAISING PROJECT FINANCE Handbook before going any further.

To start preparing your project for listing on PFX download your listing worksheet here:

Download PFX Listing Worksheet

Getting Started

Projects can only be submitted to the PFX Pipeline by the project principals or intermediaries. To get started find a PFX Regional Manager in your area. If one does not yet show please select an adjacent region.

Working with your Regional Manager

After successfully engaging with your chosen Regional Manager, they will provide you with a unique Project Indicator Code (PI Code) and password for your project. This will grant you access to the full PFX intake process to showcase your project, privately, to appropriate financiers around the world.

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