Take the first step towards your successful project finance raising…

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Ch1: History and Introduction

The essential backgrounder. Starting with the Eurodollar bond market in the 1960’s through the ascendance of investment banks, private equity, hedge and alternative investment funds to the present day dominated by private capital channelled through all the above plus asset managers, mandated lenders, corporate investors and family offices; Defining institutional and private capital; How research, data and comment from Wealth-X, McKinsey, Campden Wealth, Cap-Gemini (World Wealth Report 2020), The Economist and others provide the basis for a global project finance capital market liquidity valuation of a minimum $20 trillion (full market data/stats in PFX Media Backgrounder).

Ch2: Welcome to the Maze

The dreaded ‘broker chain’; Scams and frauds; How to spot ‘joker brokers’; Why it is best to avoid people you already know to assist in your finance raising.

Ch3: What is ‘Shovel Ready’?

Why it is never a good idea to tell your financier that your project is ‘shovel ready’; Detailed presentation of what makes a project genuinely ‘shovel ready’; Definition of ‘project finance’.

Ch4: The Project Plan (PP)

How to assemble and present this critical document; Organising your Dropbox folders; Supporting documentation (contracts, permits etc);

Ch5: The Executive Summary

Just as vital as your PP. How the ES is part auto-filled for you by PFX; Keeping it short, six pages max; Condensing information from your PP; PFX Investors request your ES direct from your elevator pitch.

Ch6: The Submission

How the task of identifying a financier is now seamless and pain-free. How PFX and its Regional Managers start preparing your full submission from your initial Intake Form, through to providing your selected Financier with all the details they need as soon as you agree to engage with them.

Ch7: Financing Structures

How there are probably as many financing structures as there are financiers; Conditions precedent; Security; Default events; Tranches and other fundamentals of what to expect in your Terms Sheet.

Ch8: Financier Types and How to Find Them

How it was before PFX, but still relevant to how PFX operates. Defining asset managers; Alternative investment funds; Corporate investors; Hedge funds; Mandated lenders; Multi-/single-family offices; Private banks; Private equity and debt funds; Wealth managers; Corporate lenders etc.; All are registered PFX Investors.

Ch9: Fifteen Ways to Lose Your Financier

Fifteen errors commonly made by project sponsors that have brought discussions and negotiations to a premature end.

Ch10: Engagement and Protocols

Final terms sheet; The close; Post-close reporting. How to maintain a cordial and professional relationship with your Financier through to funds arriving into your SPV, bank or other vehicle.

Ch11: The Project Finance Exchange (PFX)

Introduction; PFX processes for raising project finance; How financiers receive their initial alert (elevator pitch), through viewing the Executive Summary and then engaging with the project through the PFX Regional Manager.